Individualized Engagements with Time-Sensitive Context

We power
Individualized Timing

Breinify predicts an individual's upcoming interests & preferences
based on impacts of weather, events & holidays
to drive spur-of-the-moment purchases

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+34 %
Individual Spending

(and new sales opportunities)

5 x
Reaction Rate

(response within 48 hrs)

We enable retailers & brands to scalably act on these impactful, time-sensitive moments with individual engagements through SMS & existing marketing channels

Our Unique
Time-Driven Approach

Breinify's Time-Driven AI Engine takes life into context such as...

Breinify's time-driven AI engine combines machine learning with temporal algorithms to generate dynamic predictions.


Distinct Temporal Patterns


External Data Sources

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Seize the Moment Today!

Impact Report

A no-risk, no-commitment evaluation of your transaction or behavior data related to time - sensitive context

Drive New Impulse Sales

with Individualized Engagements


Unleash the power of
Breinify's Time-Driven AI Engine

Lightweight & Fast Set Up

Think of Our Engine as:

Your DATA SCIENTIST making real - time predictions Your SOFTWARE ENGINEER integrating into your existing marketing channels Your MARKETER HELPER enabling you to reach new levels of tackling upcoming moments

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